Cutiva: Noninvasive Wound Closure Platform

Developed by Okapi Medical

Okapi’s Cutiva™ topical skin adhesive platform is the first truly disruptive staple and suture replacement.  It is the only skin closure system with the flexibility and toughness of silicone and the strength of a cyanoacrylate super glue.

Darren Obrigkeit

CEO, Okapi Medical

Watch Cutiva™ products in use

Skin Closure Problem

Sutures and staples are today’s standard of care in spite of their high total cost and poor outcomes. 

Placing sutures and staples consumes costly operating room time.  Removing them during a return visit is painful, costly, and another opportunity for COVID exposure.  After removal, ugly suture marks and staple scars remain.

Flexible, Strong, and Durable Skin Closure Platform

Okapi Medical has developed a unique Cutiva™ skin adhesive platform that eliminates the needs for traditional sutures and staples. 

Cutiva™ is based on an adhesive that is strong yet flexible.  Unlike previously developed adhesives, Okapi Cutiva™ flexes and bends with human skin and remains intact during the entire healing process.

Cutiva™-based products include adhesives and closure systems covering incisions from 2 to 26cm in length, addressing most of the 100 million incisions in the USA per year.

Cost Saving With Improved Outcome

Cutiva™ has all the key qualities of highly successful medical innovations:

Saves hospital costs by reducing operating room time spent suturing and eliminating removal visits and associated COVID risk.

Improved outcomes: Sloughs off as the underlying incision heals, leaving a seamless scar without suture or staple marks.

Large platform opportunity: Cutiva™ adhesive technology is a platform that can transform how incisions are closed across surgical specialties and procedures.  This represents at least a $3B global surgical closure device market.